Join the Grovedale Wine Club

… and toast to award-winning wines with us, all year long!

The Grovedale Wine Club, a wine lover’s dream membership, is the result of our loyal customers’ affection for our award-winning wines. In the name of hand-selected, high-quality wine and the inevitable fun that comes with bringing wine lovers together, the Grovedale Wine Club offers customized cases of wine, members-only events, and “first tastes” of our newest wine releases to its wine-loving members.

Always have the best wines on-hand at home – great for gifts, hosting, and any ol’ night when you need a glass (or four)!

  • How It Works

    1. First, choose from our 3 Wine Club Variations: Sunset, Wine Maker, and Premium.
    2. Then select how many bottles you’d like every 3 months.
    3. Finally, register on our online registration form. We’ll need to know your contact information, your Wine Club Variation selection, whether you’d like your wines delivered or available for pick-up at Grovedale, and your payment information.

    Once you’ve registered, you’ll be notified via email when your first case of wine will be available! *Glasses Clink* We’ll also email you with an invitation to our upcoming Members-Only events!

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We look forward to serving you our award-winning wines all year long!

  • What You Get

    • A case of 4, 8, or 12 bottles of wine, customized to your taste, every 3 months
    • Specialty wines only offered to Wine Club members
    • Invitations to exclusive events
    • New wine releases prior to the general release to the public
    • Complimentary tasting for you and up to 4 guests
    • A 15% discount on current release wines
    • NO membership fees or cancellation fees

Join the Grovedale Wine Club By Selecting Your Club Option Below

Remember, there are no hidden membership fees or cancellation fees. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be notified via email when your first case of wine will be available!

*Glasses Clink*

We’ll also email you with an invitation our upcoming Members-Only events!

*More Glasses Clink*

Don’t Wait – Our Next Wine Club Members-Only Event is May 6th, 2017!

But What About…

Q: Can I customize the wines in my case?
A: Yes! We hand-select the wines based on your tastes, but if ever you’d like to swap or add bottles, you’re welcome to do so. No strings attached!

Q: Can I bring my spouse or a friend to the Members-Only Events?
A: Yes! You’re welcome to bring up to one guest with you to our Members-Only Events.

Q: How does pick-up of my cases work?
A: We’ll prepare your cases quarterly and then notify you via email when they’re available for pick-up. You can pick up your case during Tasting Room Open Hours.

Q: What if I need my cases shipped? How does that work?
A: We’re able to ship cases anywhere in the US. If you choose to have your cases shipped, you will pay for shipping costs in addition to your quarterly case purchase. Please let us know where to ship your cases upon registration.

Still have questions? Call our Tasting Room at 570-746-1400!