Sweet Wines

  • Fireside

    A fruity blend of our Niagara and Susquehanna Sunset. Bright cherry flavors with a sweet finish.

  • Optimism

    Optimism is a sweet red blend with ample strawberry notes.  Contrary to its name, it is hard to keep this glass half full. Pairs nicely with smoked meats and barbeque sauce, as well as dessert.

  • Susquehanna Sunset

    A soft, sweet red wine. Easy to drink with generous fruit flavors, making it easy to pair with your favorite pizza and wing dinner. 7.0% RS 

  • Desert Rose

    Limited stock for Wine Club members only. 100% Estate grown, this blend of Frontenac Gris is artfully blended into a soft red wine with notes of candied strawberry on the palate. Pairs well with grilled vegetables and marinated steak.  

  • Niagara

    A remarkably satisfying wine, it bursts with white grape flavor as well as a touch of candied strawberry notes on the palate. Pairs well with fruits and berries or sweet starchy vegetables.