• Wyalusing White

    A crisp wine with tropical fruit notes.  A blend of Frontenac Gris and Vidal grapes. Pairs nicely with spicy foods, Asian cuisine, and BBQ.  Excellent paired with dark chocolate.

  • Frontenac Gris

    A new variation of our Frontenac Gris, this is a fruit forward rosé wine. Beautifully compliments a variety of cheeses, pork and chicken dishes as well as northern Italian cuisine.    

  • Chardonnay

    A classic chardonnay fermented in Pennsylvania oak barrels for one year. Pairs nicely with roasted or grilled chicken, snapper or other white fish, and lobster, shrimp or crab in pasta cream sauces.  

  • Riesling

    Crisp and aromatic in the glass, this ‘Germanic style has notes of pear, citrus, and minerality on the finish.  Riesling pairs nicely with foods that have “green” flavors, like the lime, jalapeno, and tomatillo.  

  • Susquehanna Sunset

    A soft, sweet red wine. Easy to drink with generous fruit flavors, making it easy to pair with your favorite pizza and wing dinner. 7.0% RS 

  • Grovedale Red

    A medium bodied red wine with ample amounts of raspberry, cherry, and jammy fruit notes. Pairs well with red peppers, pork, and pungent cheeses. 

  • Desert Rose

    Limited stock for Wine Club members only. 100% Estate grown, this blend of Frontenac Gris is artfully blended into a soft red wine with notes of candied strawberry on the palate. Pairs well with grilled vegetables and marinated steak.  

  • 8th Generation

    8th Generation

    Melon with a touch of citrus and white peach flavors. A balanced wine with lush texture and crisp acidity. Pairs well with green vegetables and poached fish.

  • Niagara

    A remarkably satisfying wine, it bursts with white grape flavor as well as a touch of candied strawberry notes on the palate. Pairs well with fruits and berries or sweet starchy vegetables.

  • Merlot

    A full-bodied wine with deep, rich color encompassed in the delightful fragrance of ripe black cherries, finishing with cherry and oak overtones. Pairs well with pungent cheeses and smoked pork.

  • Cabernet Franc

    A varietal Cabernet Franc that has a full flavor with notes of black pepper and spice. Pairs well with roasted beef or lamb and a parmesan or asiago cheese.